Generating Stitch and PPass Maps

C_GenerateMap allows you to generate stitch_map and ppass_map channels in specified layers. The stitch_map UV channels represent the absolute pixel positions of an image normalized between 0 and 1, whereas the ppass_map XYZ channels represent the normalized 3D coordinates of a latlong image ranging between -1 and 1.

Note:  C_GenerateMap has one optional input to set the format of the map. If nothing is connected to the src input, the Project Settings > full size format is used.

The standard maps produced by C_GenerateMap are shown in the images, although you need to select the appropriate layer from the channels dropdown in the Viewer.

Viewing the stitch_map layer

Viewing the ppass_map layer

The output can then be warped and piped into a C_STMap to warp other source images or invert existing warp calculated by C_Stitcher. See Warping Using STMaps for more information.