Linking Items

This video presents how to link items so that one change made to one item is reflected on all linked items automatically. You can link .dci and .svg items.

In the video:

To link items:

  • Click an item and navigate to Items > Linked Items.
  • In the Linked Items dialog, press the + (plus) button. This creates a Linked group 1.
  • You can rename the group by double-clicking its name.
  • To add other items to this group, select another item and in the Linked Items dialog, click Add Selected.

Note:  All items sharing the same properties (color, tint, textures) are also linked together.

Tip:  You also have the option to link parts together from different products. See Linking Parts for more information.

To unlink items:

  • In the Linked Items dialog, hover over the item to be removed and press the - (minus) button.

To remove linked group:

  • In the Linked Items dialog, select the group to be removed and at the bottom of the Linked Items dialog press the - (minus) button.

Linking Parts

You can dynamically link parts together across a range of products. The linked parts can be from any item, which allows you to be flexible in creating and visualizing color, material, and graphic stories across your products in one Colorway project. Once you link parts together, all color and material updates on one of the parts, updates across all the linked parts. Dynamic part linking is available in the ItemsLinked Items dialog.

To link parts:

1.   Navigate to ItemsLinked Items.
2.   Click the Add Linked Parts Group button.

A new linked parts group is added.

3.   While the Linked Items dialog is open, clicking parts on your sheet adds them automatically to the currently selected linked group,


Select a part or part group in the Item List and click Add Selected in the Linked Items dialog.

Note:  Closing the Linked Items dialog, or hitting Esc while it is open disables the automatic adding of parts and items to the selected linked part and linked items groups.

Tip:  You can also link .svg parts with .dci parts.