Creating Dense Point Clouds

Dense point clouds are a useful starting point for 3D modeling and can be helpful in positioning 3D objects into a scene. Using the PointCloudGenerator node, you can create a dense point cloud based on the information generated by CameraTracker and use the points to create a 3D mesh of your 2D footage.

Quick Start

Here's a quick overview of the workflow:

1.   Make sure your PointCloudGenerator node is connected to the appropriate footage and Camera node. For more information, see Connecting the PointCloudGenerator Node.
2.   Set keyframes in the footage to determine which frames are tracked to create the point cloud. For more information, see Setting Keyframes in a Sequence.
3.   Track the footage to create a dense point cloud. For more information, see Tracking a Dense Point Cloud.

A 2D source image. The resulting 3D point cloud.
4.   Filter points from the result to adjust it and eliminate bad points. For more information, see Filtering Your Point Cloud.
5.   Create groups within the cloud to aid visualization or bake out grouped sections. For more information, see Grouping, Labeling, and Baking Points.
6.   Then if you need to, you can move on to creating meshes. For more information, see Creating a Mesh from a Point Cloud.
7.   Alternatively, use the PoissonMesh node to create a mesh. For more information, see Using the PoissonMesh Node.