Exporting Sequences and Shots

1.   Select an entire sequence in the bin view, or shots in the timeline, and navigate to File > Export...

The Export dialog displays.

2.   Select Process as Shots from the Export dropdown.
3.   Enter the Export To directory or click Choose... and browse to the location.

The Export To directory is the starting point from which the shot template builds your shot hierarchy.

4.   Select the Basic Nuke Shot preset under Local Presets to auto-complete the shot template or build a custom shot template by copying an existing template and editing as required using Path tokens, the Contents field, and the folder and +/- buttons.

Basic Nuke Shot creates a folder for each clip, or shot, containing nuke, script, and renders folders.

The tokens in the Basic Nuke Shot template break down as follows:

{shot} simply extracts the shot names as they appear in the timeline.

{shot}_comp{_nameindex}_{version}.nk extracts the shot name for each clip and the version selected in the Tracks and Handles controls. For example, Shot01_comp_v03.nk

{shot}_comp{_nameindex}_{version}.####.{ext} appends padding and the specified file extension. For example, Shot01_comp_v03.0001.dpx

Note:  The {_nameindex} token is included to avoid conflicts with non-unique shot names.

Tip:  Select a file entry in the shot template to display a preview of the file path with all the tokens resolved.

Article:  See Knowledge Base article Q100195 for information on customizing exported Nuke scripts.

5.   Proceed to Nuke Project File Settings to determine the Nuke script's behavior.