Adding Tracks to the Timeline

You can add empty tracks to existing timelines or import other EDL, AAF, or XML edits - effectively another sequence within the timeline.

To import EDL, AAF, or XML edits:

1.   Select the required sequence in the project bin, right-click, and select Import > New Track(s) from EDL/XML,


2.   Click Import Track in the spreadsheet tab.

3.   Use the browser to locate the EDL, AAF, or XML files, select the file(s) and click Open to import the sequence.

Note:  If you’re importing EDLs, bear in mind that there is no guaranteed frame rate information included in the file. Select the correct frame rate then click OK in the dialog supplied.

4.   Conform the new track as described in Conforming Sequences.

To add new tracks:

Drag-and-drop a clip above or below existing tracks as shown,


Right-click in the timeline and select New Track > New Video Track or New Audio Track.

Note:  You can also collapse and expand existing tracks using the right-click Editorial menu, and resize the track header to accommodate longer track names.