Creating Custom Tags

You may find that you require a specific tag or suite of tags that are not provided by default. Creating custom tags allows you to really control the organization of your media, and you can even create your own tag icons.

Note:  Custom tags can only be created in the Tags panel.

To create a custom tag:

1.   Click the Tags tab, or navigate to Window > Tags.
2.   Select your project and navigate to Project > New Tag, or press Ctrl/Cmd+Y.

The new tag is placed in the selected project.

3.   Double-click the tag to open the Edit Tag dialog box.
4.   Click the Icon dropdown menu to select an icon for the custom tag.

Tip:  You can import your own image for the tag by selecting Custom to open the browser.

5.   Enter a description for the tag in the Name field.
6.   Click OK to save your changes.