Stitching Nodes

The Stitching nodes take care of the process of aligning your camera rig output and joining the separate images into a single, cohesive frame. You can also perform some optional global color corrections at this stage.


C_CameraSolver calculates the geometry for the multi-camera rig. This defines the location and orientation for each camera so that the images can be stitched.


C_Stitcher automatically generates a spherical lat-long by warping and blending between the different input images. See Stitching Images Together for more information.


C_GlobalWarp is an optional step to produce a preview stitch using metadata, passed downstream from a C_CameraSolver, to help minimize ghosting in overlap regions.


C_ColourMatcher is an optional step to perform global gain-based color correction for all the views in a rig to balance out differences in exposure and white balance.