Stitching Camera Rigs

The Stitching nodes, C_CameraSolver and C_Stitcher, take care of aligning your camera rig imagery and joining them into a single cohesive 360 frame.

If you have manually solved or pre-tracked footage from third-party applications, C_CameraIngest can be used to add CaraVR metadata to the stream to build a model of the relationship between the cameras to pass to the stitcher or as the basis for further refinement with the C_CameraSolver.

You can use C_GlobalWarp to reduce ghosting and constrain particular areas to create a fast preview before stitching. During stitching, you can also fix a number of common problems seen when shooting 360 material, using the C_ColourMatcher, C_Tracker, and C_SphericalTransform nodes.

Tip:  CaraVR contains an example end-to-end workflow in Nuke's toolbar under CaraVR 2.1 > Toolsets > Full Pipeline.