C_Stitcher uses Ocula-style disparity vectors to line up matched features in the overlap areas between overlapping cameras and then blends the results to generate a spherical latlong.

You can adjust the vector detail using the Vectors tab to enhance the result and export C_STMaps for use elsewhere in the script. C_Stitcher also include support for stereo output from rigs with ring or ball configurations, such as the Nokia OZO and Jaunt ONE, respectively.

The output of C_Stitcher is the main view containing the warped and blended latlong of the input cameras, and the individual source cameras warped into the same latlong space, set up as numbered cam views above the Viewer.

The main warped and blended view from all cameras.

Individually warped cameras and masks.

Tip:  CaraVR contains an example end-to-end workflow in Nuke's toolbar under CaraVR 2.1 > Toolsets > Full Pipeline.