Generating Stitch and PPass Maps

C_GenerateMap allows you to generate stitch_map and ppass_map channels in specified layers. The stitch_map UV channels represent the absolute pixel positions of an image normalized between 0 and 1, whereas the ppass_map XYZ channels represent the normalized 3D coordinates of a latlong image ranging between -1 and 1.

The Format control sets the format of the output map when the Source input is not connected. If the Source input is connected, the format is obtained from the parent node and the Format control is disabled.

The standard maps produced by C_GenerateMap are shown in the images, although you need to select the appropriate layer from the channels dropdown in the Viewer.

Viewing the stitch_map layer

Viewing the ppass_map layer

The output can then be warped and piped into a C_STMap to warp other source images or invert existing warp calculated by C_Stitcher. See Warping Using STMaps for more information.