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Stereo Workflows

The Stereo Workflow nodes deal with stereo camera pairs within a VR environment.

C_DisparityGenerator - computes the disparity vectors between two views, similar to Ocula's O_DisparityGenerator node, which can help when quality checking a solve or warping an image. See Generating Disparity Vectors for more information.

C_DisparityToDepth - a gizmo designed to convert disparity to a depth map. See Converting Disparity to Depth for more information.

C_NewView - reconstructs a view using the pixels from another view using disparity vectors. See Reconstructing One View from Another for more information.

C_StereoColourMatcher - automates some of the color grading required between stereo camera pairs. It uses one view to match the color in another view, typically left to right or right to left. See Matching Color Between Cameras for more information.

C_VerticalAligner - eliminates vertical differences between stereo camera pairs while maintaining horizontal pixel positions. See Matching Vertical Alignment Between Images for more information.