Release Notes for Colorway 3.1v1

Supported Operating Systems

Mac OS X:                        10.11 El Capitan, and above

Windows:                        7 64-bit (SP-1), and above                 

Colorway Hardware Requirements

An internet connection is required for license installation.





Dual-core processor

2.5+ Ghz quad-core processor




Hard drive space




2GB RAM, OpenGL 3.2

4GB RAM, OpenGL 3.2+

Colorway Kit for Modo Requirements




Modo version




Intel processor(s), Core i3 or higher

2.5+ Ghz quad-core processor




Hard drive space




1GB RAM, OpenGL 3.2

2GB RAM, OpenGL 4.4+

New Colorway Features

391559 I can modify DCI transparency per part

The user now has the ability to select individual transparent parts on their DCI item, and affect the opacity of those parts using an ‘Opacity’ slider. Previously, the transparency slider was found under the Display tab for the DCI item, this has now been removed and replaced with the Opacity slider under the Materials tab when the part is selected.

331537 Transparent part should have visual indicator about having options for transparency

Transparent parts can now be identified in the item tree with a transparent icon. Non-transparent parts will use the same icon from previous versions . This icon differentiation will only appear with renders from the 3.1v1 Colorway Kit.

238493 I can define specular and blur properties for selected part

Lustre properties are now available under the Materials tab when a part is selected. The glow and intensity properties allow the user to affect the specularity of the selected part. Once the intensity slider is increased above 0 for the selected part, a specular color assignment will appear next to the part in the item tree, allowing the user to assign a specular color to that part. If the user doesn’t assign a specular color, the diffuse color slot will be reused for this purpose. This feature is only available on renders made using the 3.1v1 Colorway kit (regardless if the lights were tagged or not), or 3.0v1 kit (only for lights which were tagged).

357757 User has the ability to scrub through palette

A visual representation of all the colors in a palette in the form of a scrub bar is now available on all user color palettes. Once the palette is so large that the colors fall off screen, the scrub bar will appear, allowing the user to scroll left and right to the colors they desire.

385844 I can position, rotate and scale UV mapped Textures using on screen transform handles

Once the user has applied a texture to their part, they can now activate the texture widget tool on the part to rotate, scale, and position their textures:

A green border should appear around the bounding box of the part, this is the mouse area

A semi-transparent pivot cursor should replace the mouse when hovering in this area

Clicking on a valid UV of the part should set a blue gizmo centered at the mouse click

Clicking and dragging the UV texture around should move the position of the texture

Dragging the white circle part of the gizmo should simultaneously scale and rotate the texture (the white circle should appear to stick to the clicked pixel)

Repositioning the location of the widget can be done holding Alt/Option+Left click

The gizmo's position and size should be correct when you move the canvas and zoom in/out.

391555 I can export multiple UVs per part from Modo

The user now has the ability to select multiple UVs on a single part to export to Colorway. Once a part is tagged in the Colorway kit, the user can click the UV map column next to the part, and check or uncheck different UV maps to be exported. Users can export any number of UV maps for each part, but may only use up to 7 different UV maps at the same time, per part.

391557 I can select one of multiple UVs for the part in Colorway

Once the user has exported multiple UV maps for their part from Modo, when they apply a texture in Colorway, they will have the option to pick a UV map from their set of UVs in the ‘Mapping’ property.

383787 Integrate OpenColorIO

Colorway now uses the OpenColorIO color management library. This gives the user a greater range of color spaces to use within Colorway.

383788 I can select colorspace for exported images

The user can now choose a colorspace from the OpenColorIO colorspace library to export their images from Colorway with.

389220 Output colorspace is stored in exported file metadata

The user can now choose to embed the exported color profile in the exported file’s metadata. This feature can be toggled on or off, as embedding ICC profiles does increase the file size of exported files quite drastically.

383789 I can select colorspace of the canvas viewport

The user can select the display colorspace from the OpenColorIO libraries through the Preferences. This option can now be found under the ‘Colors’ tab of the Preferences window.

386937 I can select working colorspace

The user can now select the working colorspace of the document through the Display tab. This will be stored upon save and consolidation.

386298 I can copy and paste part tree setup between items/variants

Colorway now provides the user the means of copying the DCI part tree setup and applying it to new variants via copy and paste. The user can access this functionality by right clicking the DCI item and selecting ‘Copy Part Tree’ and right clicking the DCI parent layer that should mimic the previous and selecting ‘Paste Part Tree’.

379555 I can hide Materials in the material library with no textures

Materials that contain no textures can now be hidden from the material library using a toggle in the Material Library preferences.

379530 I can skip rendering of empty cells in TableItem

The user now has the ability to toggle the skipping of empty cells in the dynamic table on or off. Any cells that have no information inside will be removed from the table.

348126 Update UI of dynamic callouts property panel

Manual callouts UI has been updated to make it more user friendly.

391871 I can assign colors to multi-layer parts in an easier way

The user is now able to apply swatches to multilayer parts and overlapping parts in an easier way.

If user drops color on a part with multiple Texture Layers or multiple SubMaterial Layers, the color is assigned to the top layer (not to the part itself).

If user holds their mouse for a moment before releasing it, a context menu appears that allows to select the layer the user wants to assign color to.

If there are multiple parts at a given pixel (in the case of semi-transparent parts), the menu will look like this:

- Foxing Emboss - Texture.png

- Foxing Emboss - Base color

- Foxing - Texture 2.png

- Foxing - Texture 1.png

- Foxing - Base color

391691 I can easily replace item variant with different asset

The user can now right click a variant thumbnail in their variants list, and use the ‘Replace’ option to replace that variant individually or across the entire project with another variant.

393081 I can render given range of frames into separate DCI files with a single render command

The user is now able to utilise the ‘Render Current Frame Range’ command to generate multiple DCIs per camera, depending on the Render items Frame Range and Frame Pattern. This leverages Modo’s frame animation system, allowing different scene configurations to generate more DCI files per render.

All of Modo’s Frame patterns are supported and include:

Two non-overlapping ranges - (e.g. 5-10,15-20)

Ranges and single frames - (e.g. 40-45,11,10)

Four specific frames - (e.g. 3,9,12,18)

Frames from specified through to last - (e.g. 50...)

Frames from first through to specified - (e.g. ...5)

First, Last, Step (default)

390113 Part name adjustment in the dynamic table

The user can now double click a part name in the dynamic table and rename it. The name will be updated in the table, on the DCI item, and in the item list.

394739 Add an option to hide “[missing]” labels from the dynamic table

The user now has access to an option in preferences to hide the [missing] label, which may appear on the dynamic table under materials which are missing metadata.

392383 Scroll bars are too thin

Scroll bars across the application are now wider to be more easily accessible.

392318 Colorway does not warn users about potential lost data when opening later version projects on older versions of Colorway

In order to prevent lost data, Colorway now checks the version of the project that it was created in, and provides a warning if the version of Colorway they’re opening it in is older than the version within the project. This warning will only appear on 3.1v1 builds and later.

Colorway Fixed Issues

390105 - Renaming a collapsed part group causes the group to become a Folder group

388111 - The 'Color RGB' property on color palettes containing swatches shows the incorrect RGB value

386570 - Connection between DCIs for part merges are lost when new parts are added to an existing merge

386346 - The 'Export Color Palette' icon in Colorway is not as slimline as the other icons surrounding it

384607 - Images have the option to 'Remove Child Texture'

384041 - Dynamic Table is not refreshed after rename/reorder of a part

383856 - Project crashes on load when ColorAssignment for auto-updated variation is missing in the file

383851 - Implement code signing of the Kit on Mac

383756 - The question mark tooltip in the lighting editor does not function.

383690 - Each time the app autosaves, the "Date Last Saved" dynamic text will update when it should not

383657 - DPI setting is locked when sheet movement is locked

383354 - Autosave should be 'on' by default in the preferences, currently its Off

382872 - The preferences for the event log are lost when closing the preferences window

380218 - Importing changes to theme color will not change the theme color

375579 - Creating 3 text items and resizing them together will not transition smoothly

367580 - The Text tool help hint has a spelling mistake

366885 - The Colorway licensing dialog doesn't resize on high DPI displays and text is cropped (4k)

348687 - When I use Name as the Character, the default call-out has overlapping bubbles

335778 - Newly created TextureLayer should be focused on in ItemsTree

332615 - The Dynamic Table is not resizing text when transforms are adjusted on the 'y' axis

329431 - When a part is selected it should be focused and expanded in the Items Tree

329302 - If I have multiple items selected, I can't move them to the back or front

328710 - Blank error message when you double click a DCI asset in the Mac finder

328648 - Overflowing text in Allowed values field

326963 - ‘Master Palettes' should be called 'Color Libraries' in the preferences dialogue

325921 - Using Alt twice exits name inputting on left and right dock.

317299 - User can select items when using only the pan tool

311867 - Unnecessary '?' button on the window top frame of Export success window

280583 - Folder which is opened in the file browser is different from the one from the path in the Output Folder text field.

122586 - Better Image Quality in file browser thumbnails

395213 - [Variants] The 'Fix' button for broken links/livesources isn't working

394782 - [CRASH][ItemList] If the user renames a part with linked DCIs that has a material applied, Colorway will crash

394719 - [DynamicTable] Renaming Part Groups does not refresh the Dynamic Table

392130 - [Installer] 'VCRUNTIME140.DLL' is missing from the Colorway installer

388403 - [Installer] MSI installer doesn't package msvcp140.dll

397690 - Drag and drop of Color Swatch onto images on sheets fails to tint

397627 - Texture 3d handle and 'center texture' features don't work for parts behind transparent parts

397135 - Renaming a Part (or Part Group) Resets the Location of It's Manually Placed Dynamic Callout

396333 - Changing 'Application color scheme' causes Colorway top menu bar to change available options

396130 - The window is cropped incorrectly when hovering a color over a part with multiple materials applied

395213 - The 'Fix' button for broken links/livesources isn't working

395036 - Opening a recent project from the File menu with a project already open, doesn't open the project when the user hits 'No' to save

394782 - If the user renames a part with linked DCIs that has a material applied, Colorway will crash

394719 - Renaming Part Groups does not refresh the Dynamic Table

394405 - Transparent parts are darker in Colorway compared to Modo

394076 - The white dot can be removed from the blue circle when repositioning textures

390545 - 'Remove and Localise used variants' causes links to external material libraries to be removed

388092 - Using 'Save Project As...' twice and loading the second project will cause a crash.

387152 - Part Group Error when using Applying Images/Textures

385843 - The 'Select Same' shortcut can be customized but changes are lost when the application is closed

399925 - Dynamic Table crashes when changing Column count with Show Headers disabled

399305 - The state of 'Multi Sheet View' will not be saved.

397477 - ‘Cleanup Unused Assets' only works with Save as.

396876 - Cleanup unused assets feature is not cleaning all unused assets

396502 - Deleting DCI with callouts attached causes crash in certain scenarios

393627 - Applying a texture to a locked part is misleading

393567 - Transparent parts cannot be selected on the canvas, if in front of a normal part

392321 - The cursor becomes sluggish when moving the highlighter tool over a dynamic table.

390975 - Increasing the scaling to 300% will block the user from accessing advanced settings button

390967 - When Scaling is turned up to 250%, words in the license box will become clipped

386516 - Exporting out to an open PDF will state the export was successful when it wasn't

401942 - Attempting to delete Texture layers for uncollapsed part groups fails to refresh the Item Tree

401732 - Copying a texture with color will lose its color when pasted

401533 - Variations are all saved to the first sheet

401279 - Opening project/dci files in the same application instance doesn't work correctly

401001 - Collapse group state is lost when changing variation

400801 - Using the 'Clear Material swatch' button on a part merge group causes the entire variation to lose its submaterials

394387 - Copy part groups collapsed state when copying&pasting dci part tree configuration

390670 - There is a minor offset in RGB value on colors on the sheet and in the color picker when using AdobeRGB

387016 - The color swatch inside the color picker when a color from imported palette is selected is off by 1 RGB / Hex value

376338 - Loading variations from Colorway into Modo will fail.

Colorway Kit Fixed Issues

384724 - Rendering is aborted when the user tags a light group for rendering in the Colorway Kit

384411 - Modo will crash when the user undo + redo the toggling of 'Create Colorway Project' toggle

370699 - Scrolling the mouse wheel in the UV Map section of the Parts Tab of the Colorway Kit scrolls through the various UV options available

396186 - Tag All and Untag All fail to work for Lights and Cameras

393578 - Tag All removes any transparent tags