Release Notes for Colorway 5.0v3

Release Date: 8th July 2021

Supported Operating Sytems

macOS: 10.14 Mojave, and above

Windows: 10 64-bit (SP-1), and above

Colorway Hardware Requirements

A stable internet connection is required for login-based license installation.






Dual-core processor

2.5+ GHz quad-core processor


4 GB

16 GB

Hard drive space

4 GB

16 GB


1280x720 pixel resolution

1920x1080 pixel resolution


2 GB RAM, Vulkan 1.0

4 GB RAM, Vulkan 1.0


Colorway Kit for Modo Requirements




Modo Version




Intel processor(s), Core i3 or higher

2.5+ GHz quad-core processor


4 GB

16 GB

Hard drive space

10 GB

250 GB


1 GB RAM, OpenGL 3.2

2 GB RAM, OpenGL 4.4+

Colorway New Features

• ID 428982 - The performance of the texture widget working on multi-selections has been improved.

• ID 474050 - SVG items: You can now select multiple parts directly in the viewport (same logic as for DCI items).

• ID 476297 - Improved the tooltip positioning algorithm so that tips under the mouse cursor close to the bottom-right corner of the screen are shown at the top-left side of the cursor.

• ID 479305/479570 - The GPU VRAM size calculations for memory management have been improved. The graphics cache preferences have been reset to default for all users as part of this work.

• ID 479426 - SVG and DCI item editor: Right-click now changes selection only if the part under cursor is not yet selected, otherwise selection is preserved regardless of the modifiers used.

Colorway Fixed Issues

• ID 467388 - Table Item: After double-clicking a cell in a dynamic table it was not be possible to select another cell in the table.

• ID 467899 - Fixed issue where tab names used the full path to the project instead of just the name.

• ID 468897 - Colorway Kit: Aborting a Build Render Passes operation disabled all Render Settings buttons.

• ID 473397 - Material Editor: Setting invalid color values did not revert the swatch to the default value.

• ID 473401 - Fixed removal of multiple selected materials, sub-materials, or texture layers using the Items Tree context menu.

• ID 473774 - SVG and DCI: Improved normal > AO map conversion for bump strengths in the 1+ range.

• ID 474045 - Table Item: Applying a color to a part and then using the dynamic table to expose it displayed it as a new color.

• ID 474209 - Colorway Kit: Fixed overexposed DCI files regression related to Modo colorspace management changes.

• ID 474838 - Fixed issues with reordering variations of linked sheets and tracked variations being overwritten during certain undo operations.

• ID 476336 - Tooltips were not always shown on top of all Colorway windows.

• ID 477192 - macOS only: Selecting quit from the context menu caused Colorway to crash.

• ID 478617 - DCI: NaN pixels grew bigger when DCIs were reduced in size.

• ID 478684 - Opening projects from the Finder or Explorer with the Open existing dialog open caused Colorway to crash.

• ID 480678 - Loading item masks in projects from Colorway 5.0v1, or later did not work as expected.

• ID 481300 - DCI files with transparency at locations with no refracting parts tagged behind the transparent part did not work as expected.

• ID 481406/481416 - Colorway Kit: Fixed bugs in Render Passes workflow that lead to unexpected render results.

• ID 481461 - Filtering of texture effects supported by the SVG items did not ignore disabled layers as expected.

Fixed duplicating/consolidating DCI files with sublights (e.g. grouped lights or if multiple lights have been untagged and their metadata has been stored as sublights of an untagged light).

Fixed consolidation/cloning of Texture Layer exclusion list (the list that says which variants have this texture layer hidden).

Fixed a few regressions in operation of Variants and Looks panels.

Fixed issue with degraded quality of part textures on project load. They are now properly redrawn once the texture mipmap is ready.

Colorway Known Issues

• ID 480699 - Colorway Kit: Rendering DCI files using mPath in Modo 14 does not always produce the expected result.
As a workaround, use Modo 15 to render your scenes using mPath.

• ID 477081 - Hiding the first sheet in a project and then saving your work causes thumbnails to render incorrectly.

• ID 476532 - Licensing: Selecting Cancel on the license login does not return to the previous screen.

• ID 473664 - MDI: Selecting tabs too quickly causes Colorway to jump back to the first tab.

• ID 473212 - Performance: Applying materials to multiple selected parts across several sheets is occasionally slow, and may become slower with each subsequent material added to the stack.

• ID 472716 - The eyedropper tool doesn't work as expected with multi-monitor setups.

• ID 469932 - Colorway Kit: Reflections tinted in Colorway do not match the output from Modo renders with the same tints applied.

• ID 467874 - Windows only: The Google Drive icon overlays occasionally appear low-res in the Source Browser.

• ID 466994 - KPI: Accessing a folder containing a large number of files in the Source Browser causes Colorway to become unresponsive.

• ID 466705 - MDI: The mouse cursor does not align with the tab during drag-and-drop operations.

• ID 466698 - Performance: Switching between projects with large local palettes is slow.

• ID 454790 - Dynamic Tables: Automatic font size does not fill all available empty space.

• ID 448732 - SVG: Hiding a part of an .svg file causes the item tree to collapse.

• ID 444349 - Part Sub-tree: Pasting a part sub-tree to multiple variations does not store the variations correctly.

• ID 442277 - Text: Right-align occasionally crops text contents.

• ID 440699 - Table Item: Setting textures to display as images does not update the selected visible column.

• ID 440055 - Colorway Kit: CW Kit doesn't read diffuse color from Modo procedural textures as expected.

• ID 435520 - Wacom: The right-click context menu can not be accessed as expected using a tablet.

• ID 432009 - Colorway Kit: Textures seen though transparency are occasionally distorted.
As a workaround, use the mPath renderer in Colorway Kit.

• ID 427416, 414523 - Colorway Kit: Some .dci files have Modo material colors burned into the textures.
As a workaround, try resetting Modo's Preferences to default.

• ID 408993 - Deadline: Multiple tagged UVs are not rendered as expected using Deadline.

• ID 405372 - Canvas: Using the mouse wheel to change sheets does not skip hidden sheets.

• ID 401807 - UI: The context menu is occasionally clipped if the window is too small when dropping colors.

• ID 396513 - Windows only: The crash reporter is not appearing 100% of the time.

• ID 396246 - Preferences: Importing another user's preferences file does not update the Source Browser correctly.

• ID 394303 - Texture Widget: The texture widget behaves erratically when a non-uniform scale is applied at the part-level.

• ID 391834 - Colorspace: There is a minor discrepancy in RGB values between colors applied to parts and the same color in the rest of the application.

• ID 390699 - macOS only: The correct swatch is not picked when using the macOS color picker in the AdobeRGB colorspace.

• ID 389505 - Windows only: The General Display preferences are cropped incorrectly on monitors using high DPI scaling.

• ID 386980 - Colorspace: There are occasionally minor differences in RGB / Hex values when a color swatch is added from the color picker into a palette.

• ID 328951 - UI: Sheet masking allows an item to span multiple sheets incorrectly.

• ID 105803 - Colorway Kit: Setting the Intensity >1.0 for luminous materials causes the tint to be incorrect.