Inserting Items

DCI Items

This video presents the several ways to add .dci (Deep Color Image) assets.

In the video:

To add .dci assets, do any of the following:

Press the P key and draw a box where you want to place the asset.

Press the I key and double-click any asset in the file browser.

In the right dock, in the toolbar, use the Place tool to add an asset.

To add multiple .dci assets in the Variants tab, in the Variants tab, select the + (plus) button to add assets.

Note:  Updating the color of an item in the workspace updates the color of the .dci assets placed in the Variants tab providing they share the same properties.

A Folder of DCI Items

This video shows you how to add an entire folder of .dci images.

In the video:

To add a folder of .dci assets, press the I key, navigate to your asset folder and click Select.

The folder of .dci assets is added to the Variants tab.

Note:  If any .dci asset in your project is updated outside of Colorway, it is updated inside Colorway as well.


The video shows you how to insert an image into your Colorway project.

In the video:

You can add files using the Insert Anything tool. You can find it in the menu bar under Items > Insert Anything, or use the I keyboard shortcut.

To activate the Place tool. use the P keyboard shortcut.

Reposition inserted image by clicking and dragging.

The Image properties can be found in the right dock.

To tint an image:

1.   Open the Color palette by clicking the Palette tool, or use the Color Picker tool.
2.   Select a color and drag and drop it to the image.