Using the Colorway for Modo Kit

The Colorway for Modo Kit provides a set of powerful tools that simplify the process of generating DCI images for Colorway. Once the kit has been installed, you may want to create a layout in Modo that suits your preferred workflow.

In the video:

For quick access, you can star the layouts that you need in your workflow.

In the Colorway tab, you can add tabs to the lower panel using the + button. Choose Application > Custom View > Colorway to add the options for customising how Colorway treats the 3D objects.

You can set edit permissions on parts and lights.

There's a list of camera views in the Views tab. Each view renders as a separate DCI item (editable in Colorway).

There are advanced render settings, including creating a Colorway project straight from the Colorway for Modo Kit.

The Colorway button provides access to a range of features, including tagging of materials, lights, and cameras.

You can render a scene for Colorway, which is also accessed through the menu in Render > Colorway > Render Scene for Colorway. Render settings include material tagging and enabling refraction and reflection (for metal and glass surfaces).

DCI's can be automatically saved for every camera view. The camera name is appended to a given name.