You can consolidate all sheets of your project and multiple variations into a single, compressed PDF document. Export directly from the Item Tree and export all sheets, current sheet or select multiple sheets using the Shift key.

In the video:

You can export the selected sheet, current sheet, or the entire project.

Use either FileExport, or use the export button under the list of sheets in the Item Tree.

The export dialog provides a range of customization options such as optional attribute tags and whether to export to single .pdf or multiple .pdfs.

Exporting a Sheet as a PNG

This video shows you how to export your sheet as a .png file.

In the video:

To make the background image transparent for export:

1.   Select the sheet
2.   In the Display tab in the right dock, disable Background.

The background of the sheet will be transparent when exported.

To export all variations of a sheet:

1.   Click the sheet in the Item Tree
2.   Click the Export button at the bottom of the panel, and click Export current sheet....

The Export dialog is displayed.

3.   Set Project Export State to Stored Variations, the Export Type to Flattened, choose an Output Folder, and set the Output Format to *.png.
4.   Click Export.

The variations are exported into separate .png files.