Highlighter Tool

This video shows you how to use the Highlighter tool.

In the video:

With the Highlighter tool you can highlight text in a text item or a table.

1.   Click the Highlighter tool in the right dock.

By default, it highlights the background in yellow, but you can change this.

2.   Select the text to highlight.

You can set the highlight and the text color.

To remove highlighting, activate the tool and set the highlight color to transparent, then select your text.

You can create a text style and use it to highlight other texts.

1.   Click the text item and open the Text properties in the right dock.
2.   Set up the text properties, such as the style, font, and color.
3.   Click the Add button next to Style to save it, name the new style and press Enter.

When you activate the Highlighter tool, your new style becomes available under Text Style.

Note:  Any highlighted items appear in the right dock. This is a handy way to keep track of multiple highlighted items on your sheet. You can remove all highlights by clicking on Clear all Highlighted Items.