Rendering to a Colorway Template

This video shows you how to render from Modo to a Colorway template, which is populated with the .dci file, colors, materials, dynamic tables, callouts, or other dynamic information.

In the video:

To create a Colorway template:

1.   Set up your scene in Modo and tag your items, lights, and views, then Render it for Colorway.
2.   In Colorway, create a new project, then save it as a template, using the menu bar command File > Save as...
3.   Navigate to your newly created project on your disk and add a new folder within the main project folder. Name it GeneratedFiles.
4.   Within GeneratedFiles, create a folder called renders.

Note:  You should name your folders exactly as described above for the template to work.

5.   Place the .dci files you rendered from Modo into the renders folder.
6.   Open your Colorway project, and in the menu bar, click LiveSources > Source Browser.
7.   On the bottom-left, expand the Project section to see your folders. Click GeneratedFiles > renders, and drag and drop your items onto the sheet, and add dynamic tables, callouts, and so on.

If you change the geometry in Modo and you want the changes to be automatically reflected in Colorway:

1.   In the Render layout > Colorway tab, go to the Render Settings sub-tab and enable Create Colorway Project.
2.   Set the template you created in Colorway As Project Template.
3.   Make sure that the Render Name Template stays exactly the same as before.
4.   Click Render and set a new location to your project.
5.   When you open your new project in Colorway, it uses the same colors, materials, tables, and callouts, as the template project.