Shadow Catchers

This video shows you how to add shadows to your objects in Modo, which are preserved when viewing the .dci in Colorway.

In the video:

To create an asset with a shadow in Modo:

1.   Add a mesh to your scene, then create another mesh and rename it to Shadow.
2.   Go to the Render tab.
3.   To edit the shadow, in the Shader Tree, click the Directional Light and edit the Directional Light properties in the Render Properties panel.
4.   In the Item Tree, click the Sphere and press the M key to create a material. Do the same for the Shadow mesh and name it Shadow Catcher.
5.   In the Shader Tree, click the Shadow Catcher and click Add layer to add a shader.
6.   In the Shader Tree, move the Shadow Catcher above the Base shader.
7.   In the Shader tree, select the Base shader and in the Render Properties panel, set the Alpha Type to Shadow Catcher.
8.   Change the black color of the Directional Light to a dark gray, to make it more transparent.
9.   In the Shader Tree, click the environment group and in the Render Properties panel, and disable the Visible to Camera option.

Render in Modo:

1.   In the Colorway tab, tag the Sphere, all lights (Directional and Environment), and the camera.
2.   Click Render.