Tagging Lights for Colorway

This video shows you how to tag lights for Colorway, using the Colorway for Modo Kit.

In the video:

You can tag lights in your scene to be editable in Colorway. By default, none of your lights are tagged.

1.   In Modo, go to the Render layout.
2.   In the Colorway tab, in the Lights sub-tab, click on the Colorway icon in front of the light's name to tag it.

To edit the lights in Colorway:

1.   Click your item, then in the right dock, click the Lights tab.

Here you can see your original lighting setup imported from Modo.

2.   Click the Edit button to enter .dci edit mode.

This opens the Lighting and Effects Editor.

3.   Click the Lights Editor button. 

You can see a list of your lights. Adjust the intensity and color. You can also solo and mute lights.

To add your setup as a new look, click the Looks Editor , then click the + button at the bottom of the panel.