What is Colorway?

Colorway is a collaborative canvas allowing you to automate, communicate and publish your product, packaging and graphic design. Using a unique combination of 2D, 3D Vector, and data file support, Colorway allows you to begin interacting with 3D models in a dynamic and connected way. Dragging and dropping color onto a 3D model has never been faster or easier.

Using Colorway, a designer is able to create and color in a familiar interface, while having the power of backend data linked to live or static PDM/ PLM/ PPM systems, simple spreadsheets and text files. The data is presented in Colorway in a practical and interactive way, with an experience closer to using a website to buy a pair of shoes.

Colorway bridges the gap between 2D and 3D design by providing a software solution that allows existing 2D designers to create product visualizations in a photorealistic, 3D space without the need to understand complex 3D modeling tools.

Colorway was developed using Foundry’s Academy Award winning engineering team and shares technologies used from decades of motion picture production. The digital compositor used in Colorway is the same engine that powered the film production of Star Wars, Game of Thrones and Beauty & the Beast, plus thousands of other Hollywood blockbusters produced over the past 20 years.

Who Can Use Colorway?

Organizations that have implemented Colorway as part of their digital visualization pipeline have seen an increase in their speed to market with new product, improved color management and an enhanced buy-in for new product.

Here at Foundry, we believe in strong partnerships with premium brands. Our team works closely to understand the needs of users and help create design workflows that provide access to photorealistic 3D models, compliments an existing 2D workflow, and intelligently connects to data that’s relevant for the visualization process. It’s our primary goal to provide a quantifiable time and cost saving in an organic way.

Foundry is proud that our customers are happy to share their stories on using Colorway as part of their design pipeline.