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Reviewing Panels

Notes are pictographic representations of changes you or other users want made to a panel. Instead of writing out notes about what needs to be changed, you can draw notes straight onto a panel in the Viewer and save them for later. If you still want to discuss a panel with other users in-person, you can highlight a panel to alert others that it needs to be changed, even if no specific note has been drawn on the panel.

Draw Tools

The Draw tools in Flix 5 allow you to add or review pictographic notes for selected panels. Once panels are selected, and you can see one of the panels in the Viewer, you can add notes in any of the workspaces except for Pitch by selecting the Draw button in the Viewer Controls pane. If a note has already been added, you can also view or edit it, erase parts of it, or delete the notes entirely by clicking on the buttons in the Draw toolbar. Optionally you can export notes to .pdf files, and notes can also be added to your Photoshop layerstack as a new layer.

Panel Highlights

Panel highlights simply flag panels in the Sequence Editor pane, and do not have any notes drawn on the panel. The highlights can only be added or removed, there are no other states for this form of note. Changing highlighted panels, also removes the note highlight but it can be preserved if the panel is versioned up before changes are made.


Comments help alert other users, including Editorial, what has changed in a version of the sequence. These comments are not applied to specific panels, but to a sequence version as a whole. Comments can also be added to the notification e-mail that the Editorial department receives when new versions of a sequence are published.

Unlike notes, comments are actually written out and can be attached to the version of a sequence. These can be used to notify other users of elements they may need to be aware of, such as important changes, comments for the Editorial department, and whether or not aspects of the sequence are final.