Flix Server Options

This is the full list of options for the config.yml server configuration file.

Required Options

The following options must be specified to run a Flix server.

hostname - IP address or fqdn for the Flix Server to run on, e.g. flix001.mycompany.com or localhost

Note:  You will need to make sure that the hostname option is set to a publicly available hostname or IP address. We recommend a fully qualified domain name and unique hostname for each server.

http_port - Port number for the Flix Server to run on, e.g. 8080

Note:  Ensure that Flix Server is accessible through the server's firewall to connect to it. Refer to the Opening ports on your firewall for Flix communication Knowledge Base article for more information on how to open ports through a firewall.

Tip:   We recommend pinging the Flix server hostname via the command line to test for accessibility to the server.

mysql_hostname - Address of the db server, IP or fqdn.

mysql_username - MySQL username with access to the Flix schema

mysql_password - MySQL password


mysql_port - Port number for the MySQL database. Default: 3306

mysql_database - Name of the database for Flix. Default: flix

db_backup_directory - Provides an alternate path to where the database backup file is created. e.g., ./flix_server -db_backup_ /var/flix/db_backup

Asset Storage

asset_directory - Path to where assets should be stored. Defaults to the Flix Server install directory

shared_storage - Configures server to use shared storage for Flix assets.

Note:  If switching from local to shared storage, you will also need to migrate your assets for Flix Server to pick them up with the new configuration. Refer toMigrating Assets When Switching to a New Assets Directory for more information.


floating_license_hostname - Address of the license server (if using floating licensing)

floating_license_port - Port number for the license server to run on (if using floating licensing)


See User Management for a full list of authentication options.


smtp_hostname - The hostname e.g., smtp.gmail.com

smtp_port - Port number e.g., 465

smtp_username (optional) - SMTP email address e.g., example@email.com

smtp_password (optional) - SMTP password e.g., MyP@ssword

smtp_send_from - Sets the email address Flix uses for notifications, e.g., flix_publishes@mycompany.com

Note:  If the smtp_username and smtp_password config options are not set, Flix Server attempts to connect to the smtp server without authenticating when sending notification emails.


ca_file- Add this option and the path to a CA certificate file if using self-signed certificates.

cert - Add this option and the path to a TLS certificate file (public key).

key - Add this option and the path to the TLS key file (private key).


max-log-mb - Sets default log file size to 5 MB. After this data limit is reached, the log file rotates and the older data is split off and stored in archived logs.

log_file - Sets the filename and location for server logs. The CLI flag will make the directory if it doesn't exist. e.g., ./flix_server --log-file= mnt/var/flix/logs/serverlogs.log.


font_directory - Path to access fonts

flix5_compatible_imports - Use in Flix 6 when reconforming Avid AAFs created in Flix 5 to relink correct panels.