Managing Extensions

Flix currently includes extensions for Photoshop and Maya, providing powerful support for story development.

Flix’s APIs and feature set also support building custom extensions, Take a look at the General Remote Client API documentation for front-end integrations, or the Server API docs for back-end integrations.

Flix 7 saw the introduction of a dedicated Local Extension Manager to help you install, update, or uninstall extensions from your Flix client.

Not only does the Local Extension Manager simplify the process, but it also allows you to manage extension versions independently of Flix versions, decoupling the Flix Client version from that of the Flix extension. This means that you can upgrade or roll back versions of Flix and Flix extensions independently.

  • To access the Local Extension Manager select Extensions > Local Extension Manager or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl /.

Note:  Some extensions may require the operating system’s admin permission to install. If so, this will be noted on the extension’s official documentation.

The Local Extension Manager

Installing Extensions

The Available tab shows the list of extensions available from Flix which you can install locally. The list includes the Extension Name, the Extension Version, and the supported versions of the target third-party application.

  • You can see a list of available versions using the Extension Version drop-down.

  • Click the INSTALL button to add the selected extension version to Flix.

The version status is shown as INSTALLED if the plugin is active.

Changing Extension Versions

  1. Switch versions using the Extension Version drop-down to a version that is not installed. The status switches to show the UPDATE button.

  2. Click the button to install the selected version in place of the existing version.

Note:  You can only have one version of an extension installed at once.

Checking Versions

  • Click the Installed tab to see active extensions.

The Installed tab also indicates if an extension is Server Managed. A server managed extension is one that has been installed using the Local Extension Manager as opposed to a manual install outside of the application.

Viewing Extension Documentation

  • You can open the documentation for the extension using the button.

Uninstalling Extensions

  1. Click the Installed tab to see a list of active extensions.

  2. From here, use the UNINSTALL button to remove and deactivate the extension.