Giving and Managing Feedback

Adding Comments to Panels

You can add comments to individual panels, which allows users to create a feed of notes and feedback on a sequence. Any comments written on a panel are flagged, so you can see at a glance which boards require attention.

To add a comment:

  1. Click on Comments under the Player.

  2. Type your comment into the Comment window and press Enter to publish it.

    The panel on which you've commented now displays a comment icon. Hover over the icon to see the latest comment.

Your comment appears in a feed with any other comments other users have added to that panel.

Every comment has a checkbox which allows users to mark as resolved. For example, once feedback in a comment has been addressed, the user would tick the comment so everyone in the production knows that feedback has been actioned.

Note:  Once all the comments in a feed have been resolved, the comment icon disappears from the panel.

Filtering a Sequence by Comment

You may want to quickly filter your sequence to display only panels with comments made on them.

To filter by comment:

  1. Click on the filter icon in the panel browser.

  2. Select Commented Panels

Flix displays only panels with active comments on them.

Annotating Panels

You can annotate your panels directly in the Player, which is located at the top-right corner of the application in the Story workspace.

Note:  To add an annotation to a panel using Photoshop, refer to Giving and Managing Feedback.

  1. In the Panel Properties pane, toggle the annotations on by clicking the Pencil button at the bottom of the Player.

  2. Click the Color Palette button then click again to select a color.

  3. Click and hold the Pencil button then drag the slider to adjust the thickness of the pencil.

  4. Make annotations on your panel.

  5. Use the Eraser tool to partially erase your annotations or use the Trash tool to completely remove the annotations.

    Annotated panels are tagged with the pencil icon and display a border around the thumbnail.

  6. To display only panels containing annotations, click the filter button and enable the Annotations filter.

Tip:  By default, annotations appear as an extra layer in PSD files open in Photoshop. You can disable this by going to File > Preferences > Third Party Apps > Adobe Photoshop and disabling the Send Annotation as Layer preference.