What's New in Flix 5.4

Flix 5.4 has several new features and feature enhancements in addition to bug fixes. This page documents the new features, to read about bug fixes and feature enhancements, navigate to a specific release.

Drawn Notes

Drawn notes are now automatically burned in to the .pdf files you export. You can disable this option by setting the new pdfNoteBurnIn parameter to 0.

The new Export Notes plug-in allows you to export all your annotated panels as .jpeg files.

Flix now adds drawn notes as a new layer in your Photoshop layer stack. You can disabled this option by setting the new psdNoteAsLayer parameter to 0.


Flix now links to the Flix Editorial Interface from the e-mail generated upon publishing to Avid. The new link, called Import AAFs, opens the To Avid tab and loads the corresponding show and sequence, making it easy for you to import AAF files.

There is now a link to the .pdf file in the e-mail that is generated to notify Editorial of the new sequence. The new Contact Sheet link directly opens the .pdf file.

You can now specify the maximum file size allowed (in GB) for a QuickTime movie, when publishing back from Editorial using the new maxEditorialMovieSize parameter (set to 3GB by default).

Flix can now automatically import the AAF and ALE files to a pre-set directory by setting the avidImportFolder parameter.

User Interface

Flix now displays an asterisk in Google Chrome's tab to indicate that the sequence contains unsaved edits.