What's New in Flix 6.1

New Features

Avid Media Composer Workflow

A new option allows you to set Media Composer as the Editorial App. With one click, Flix creates an AAF of your sequence ready for Media Composer. Round-tripping with Avid is a breeze, with the ability to reconform a sequence back from editorial to Flix using an AAF, retaining all the changes and creative decisions made between the story and editorial departments.

Improved Export Preferences

Everything that gets exported out of Flix can now be named and organized in a consistent way, so all users and departments know where files are and what they’re named. Clickable ‘chips’ allow you to use keywords to create export paths, which can be set and enforced at the show and studio levels, to make sure everything is exported out of Flix coherently on all platforms.

Flix Project Migration Tool

The new Project Migration Tool enables the migration of existing Flix 5 projects into Flix 6, restoring everything from your projects including version history, dialogue and timing for all episodes and sequences, allowing you to pick up where you left off with the latest version of Flix.

Feature Enhancements

Annotation Workflow Using Photoshop

You can now set Flix to ensure annotated panels open in Photoshop with their annotations shown on an additional layer. A new Photoshop Action has also been added which allows you to send a selected layer to Flix as an annotation.


Never worry again if your project is saved! We've added a new preference to set Flix to automatically save your work. You can control the frequency of the save, so it's never in the way of your workflow.

Filter Highlighted Panels

A new filter option has been added to the main Flix workspace, allowing you to view only highlighted panels. This can be useful for reviewing specific panels that were flagged a priority or simply to focus on a specific series of panels.

New Keyboard Shortcuts

Saving your work is now even easier with the intuitive shortcut Ctrl/Cmd+S. Adding dialogue is even faster on the Dialogue page and you can work without ever clicking outside the dialogue box. Simply press tab to move to the next panel, or Shift+tab to move to the prior panel as you type dialogue.

Hidden/Starred Shows

Admin users have the option choose which shows are displayed at the Shows level with the Hide option. On the shows page, you can create favorites with the 'star' option. Flix remembers this setting on a per-user basis, meaning if you mark a show as starred it will only appear in your list of favorites.

General Improvements

Over fifty feature enhancements and bug fixes have gone into making Flix 6.1 our most powerful update yet!