Release Notes for Flix 6.2

Release Date

November 27th, 2019

Operating Systems

Flix Server


Sierra (10.12), High Sierra (10.13), Mojave (10.14)

4GB of RAM


CentOS/RHEL 7 (recommended) or 6.10 and higher, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

A 64 bit processor @ 2GHz or higher

4GB of RAM

Note:  Flix Server is currently not available on Windows. Other operating system versions may work with Flix, but have not been fully tested. If you have any problems with a particular operating system, please contact the Foundry Support Team here.

Flix Client


Yosemite (10.10), Sierra (10.12), High Sierra (10.13), Mojave (10.14)

1GB of RAM


Windows 10

An SSE2 capable Intel Pentium 4 processor, or later

1GB of RAM

Note:  Flix Client is currently not available on Linux. Other operating system versions may work with Flix, but have not been fully tested. If you have any problems with a particular operating system, please contact the Foundry Support Team here.

Officially-Supported Third-Party Applications


Supported Versions

Adobe Photoshop

CC 2017, CC 2018, CC 2019

Adobe Premiere

CC 2017, CC 2018, CC 2019

Avid Media Composer

8.9, 8.10, 2018.12.3

Toon Boom Storyboard Pro

6 (14.20.3)

Note:  Older versions may work, but they haven’t been fully tested with Flix 6.2, so they cannot be listed as officially supported.
If you have any problems with a particular application's version, please contact the Foundry Support Team here.

New Features

Storyboard Pro Support

Storyboard Pro artists rejoice! Now you can easily import a sequence drawn in your favorite app into Flix as a new sequence revision. Boards created in Storyboard Pro are now a part of the Flix ecosystem thanks to Flix 6.2, so Storyboard Pro users can enjoy the full Flix experience: file management, editorial round-tripping and unbridled collaboration, which lets everyone in the production have visibility over story development. To top it off, camera moves and working with overscans between Storyboard Pro and editorial is now a seamless process over which production and editors have full control.

See Storyboard Pro & Flix for more information.

Panel Comments

Flix 6.2 introduces an all-new comments feature which allows users to write feedback, thoughts and notes on individual boards in a sequence. Any comments written on a panel are flagged, so you can see at a glance which boards require attention. The result: cohesive creative collaboration thanks to more streamlined communication between users.

See Adding Comments to Panels for more information.

Smart Panel Reuse

Never upload the same file twice: Flix now knows whether a specific file has ever been imported in the past, and will reuse the existing panel instead of creating a new one. You’ll never have to keep track of boards your freelance artists touched outside of Flix—just import them all and Flix will only process the ones it’s seeing for the first time. Enjoy greater flexibility when working offline and a more fluid workflow when working in Storyboard Pro as unchanged panels won’t get re-imported into Flix.

Feature Enhancements


• ID 371488 - Panel creation and import error handling has been improved.

• ID 385600 - Subtitle size in the viewer can now be controlled by holding the subtitles button and adjusting the slider.

• ID 388725 - Holding the left/right arrow keys now automatically steps through panels in a sequence.

• ID 392736 - Flix now supports the .tif and .tiff file formats.

• ID 396967 - A new property has been added to the panel information to show the origin of panel revisions.

• ID 398732 - The Publish Directory is now displayed on panel export.

• ID 400482 - A new preference has been added to allow artists to send animated panels to Avid.

• ID 400538 - Panel marker location and persistence has been improved.

• ID 409159 - Clip and sequence preference naming conventions are now consistent between Premiere and Avid.

• ID 409928 - Panel highlight options now include a wider range of color choices.

• ID 410642 - The Migration Tool now creates a blank panel if no asset is found.

• ID 410781 - The panel filter now includes a show published or unpublished panels option.

• ID 410911 - The Publish to Editorial button now displays a warning about duplicate panels before exporting them.

• ID 411818 - The start-up splash screen art has been updated.


• ID 376504 - Flix server reporting on disk space errors has been improved.

• ID 385616 - Used and available disk space is now displayed onscreen for each Flix server.

• ID 403671 - The Flix server now logs non-sensitive artist details.

• ID 406352 - macOS only: The Client Helper App log file has been moved to /Users//Library/Logs/flix/flix-client-transfer-util.log

• ID 410736 - The Download Logs function now displays useful file information, such as the log file location.

• ID 411044 - Sending emails from Flix now uses gomail.

Bug Fixes

• ID 382026 - Selecting multiple panels in the browser caused vertical scrolling to behave erratically.

• ID 388047 - The splash screen on start up could be resized.

• ID 389634 - Editing user groups one after another caused the Flix client to become unresponsive.

• ID 394556 - Selecting multiple panels in the browser caused performance degradation.

• ID 396119/405844 - Changes to the Preferences did not affect Flix until the client was reloaded.

• ID 399587 - Reverting to an earlier panel revision by clicking M in the Revisions/Related/Masters dropdown caused the Flix client to crash.

• ID 399667 - Running the Flix client from the Terminal occasionally caused the client to crash.

• ID 401862 - The Save button was incorrectly re-enabled immediately after importing panels.

• ID 401947 - Blank panels on Contact Sheet PDFs were replaced with ! (exclamation mark) icons.

• ID 403742 - The Flix server logs contained error="<nil>" errors incorrectly.

• ID 404370 - Tooltips were displayed on panels with the same ID in every sequence.

• ID 404842 - Attempting to login to a Flix server with a different hostname/IP did not display an error.

• ID 406484 - Copying and pasting dialogue between panels added HTML formatting in Avid.

• ID 407036 - Temporary files created during QuickTime exports were not removed automatically on completion.

• ID 407181 - The panel Properties table did not resize correctly based on its contents.

• ID 407693 - Transfers occasionally failed due to network slowdowns.

• ID 409490 - Expired tokens were not renewed during long migrations using the Migration Tool.

• ID 411074 - Camera moves in nested sequence from Premiere were not reproduced correctly in Flix.

• ID 411374 - Flix client login using OAUTH did not work as expected.

• ID 411740 - Temporary files were not deleted on the Flix server after imports finished.