Hiero and HieroPlayer Workflow

This section describes the main differences between Hiero and HieroPlayer, and an example collaborative workflow using Nuke.


In a typical collaborative project environment, Hiero sits in between edit and grading, and finishing and delivery, acting as a hub for visual effects. It is used to locate, preview, and then farm media out to shot-based effects applications (such as Nuke), and take their results and re-integrate them into the sequences for review and comment.


HieroPlayer sits next to your compositing and other shot creation software, allowing artists to view their work in the context of a timeline. This collaborative workflow allows multiple artists to work on the same timeline, viewing colleague’s work as well as their own. See Collaborative Project Case Study for more information.

HieroPlayer is a free annual subscription with your Nuke or NukeX license. Simply renew your existing Nuke or NukeX license to receive your HieroPlayer entitlement or fill in the on-demand form.

See HieroPlayer Free with Nuke for more information.