Using Tags

Tags are used by Hiero to quickly sort or filter clips and shots for better visibility, organization, and export. Tags are used to mark shots of a particular type or content as you organize your project. The default tags supplied include Approved, Note, Reference, and other general purpose tags. You can also create custom tags by right-clicking in the Tags tab or by pressing Ctrl/Cmd+Y in the Tags tab. You can apply tags to clips, shots and Comp shots, individual frames, sequences, and tracks.

Clip and shot tags and notes can be added to exports using the burn-in feature. See Adding Burn-in Text to Exports for more information.

Tags can also be converted to Final Cut Pro or Premiere markers during export to XML. See Exporting Sequences as EDL, OTIO, and XML for more information.

Using Quick Tags

Quick tags allow you to add tags, depending on context, by right-clicking a selection and then choosing the type of tag to apply. If you’re tagging a large amount of media, you might find it more convenient to use the drag-and-drop methods described later on.

Quick tags are accessible from bins, spreadsheets, Viewers, and timelines for single or multiple selections.

1.   Select the target clips or sequences.
2.   Right-click a highlighted selection, go to Tags, and choose the required action, dependent on context.

For example, bin items only allow you to Tag Selection, whereas shots allow you to Tag Shot Selection, Tag Tracks, or Tag this Sequence

Once you’ve selected the tag type, the Add Tag dialog displays.

3.   Select the icon to represent the tag using the Icon dropdown.
4.   Enter a Name and Note as required.
5.   Click Add to mark your selections with the chosen tag.

See Creating Custom Tags and Removing Tags for more information.