These pages guide you through installation and licensing to the point where you have the application in front of you and are ready to start work. After installation, all applications are run from either desktop icons, the browser, or from the command line using arguments.

Note:  The instructions contained in these pages cover installing Nuke, because Hiero is part of the Nuke bundle and cannot be installed separately.

Tip:  For an overview of the documentation and quick access to the main topics, go to Hiero Home.

System Requirements

Qualified Operating Systems

Rocky 9.0 (64-bit)

Warning:  Nuke requires libnuma to run under Linux distributions, the library is required by the Nablet H264 Codec SDK.

Note:  The currently supported version of VFX Reference Platform includes library versions that are only compatible with Rocky 9.0.

For more information on hardware requirements, see the release notes on the What's New in Nuke, Nuke Studio, and Hiero 15.1 page.