Hiero Documentation


What's New in Hiero 11.3

Explore what's been added to the latest versions of Hiero and HieroPlayer.

Ingesting Media

How to get footage into Hiero so you can start organizing, reviewing, editing, or building scratch sequences.

Conforming Offline Edits

Hiero conforms EDLs into single tracks, and AAFs and XMLs into multi-track timelines. You can conform into new timelines or into an existing timeline by adding new tracks.

Managing Timelines

Timelines can contain any number of video sequences and audio tracks with each track containing shots that reference the source clips in your project - making changes to shots in the timeline does not affect the original source clip.

Soft Effects

A soft effect is a real-time effect, processed on GPU instead of CPU. You can add soft effects to your timeline in any of the workspaces.

Hiero Tutorials


Conforming Offline Edits

An introduction to conforming offline edits in Hiero, split into three parts.

Reformatting Shots

Working with multi-resolution clips and matching to an offline reference track is easy in Hiero.

Localizing Clips

Localization copies high resolution media to your machine for faster access.

Text Burn-in

This video introduces the text burn-in feature, which allows you to add shot/project information directly to your transcoded images.

Editorial Tools

Find out more about Hiero's modal tools, similar to those found in other editing software, and their associated hotkeys.