Kanova Basics

When you start Kanova, you see a set of tabs containing the sculpting tools and a working area in which to create your scene.

The mouse and keyboard are used to create and modify clay-like structures.

Creating a Basic Scene

On startup, add clay to the scene by pressing the left mouse while the mouse cursor is over a pre-existing part of the scene.

Clay is deposited at the depth of the scene under the cursor. Moving the mouse, while the left-button is pressed, continues to deposit clay at the same depth. You can change the size of the brush using the right-mouse button, and you can follow the surface by turning on the Follow Surface modifier.

Area of Effect

As you hover the mouse over a structure, a circle appears around the cursor. The radius of this circle is the size of the effect to be applied. The color of the circle is the currently selected color to be used when painting, as well as adding and subtracting clay.

Color and radius can be modified from the Tools panel.

Docking Panels

The Kanova interface consists of a main viewport showing the geometry, and several dockable panels that contain controls and information. The dockable panels let you customise your workspace to suit your workflow.

Some are panels are visible and docked by default, others start off hidden. The View menu has entries which allow you to show or hide each of the panels.

You can identify a dockable panel by the lighter background in the title bar, plus Undock and Close buttons at the right of the bar:

To undock:

drag the title bar, or

click the Undock button, or

drag the tab that the panel belongs to.

NOTE:  If you drag the title bar of panel that is tabbed, all the tabs move with the panel. This enables you to move several toolsets at once.

Once undocked, you can re-dock at various hotspots on the interface. Drag the window over a part of the interface and if there's a docking location, the target area will turn blue.

Docking locations include the edge of the main window, and existing panels.

If the panel underneath the dragged panel turns blue and shows a tab, the window will be docked as a tab on the same panel when you release the mouse button.