Using Vive Controls




Grab scene

Grip button (press once and release)

Release scene

Grip button (press once and release again)

Toggle Follow Surface

Click top of Trackpad

Toggle Subtract

Click bottom of Trackpad

Eye Dropper

Press and hold left quadrant of Trackpad. Release to select color

Toggle Controller Help Menus

Click right quadrant of Trackpad

Transform camera/scene/layer

Hold down both grip buttons at once and move controllers


Select item

Point controller at menu and use Trigger button to select

Toggle menu

Menu button


Top quadrant of Touchpad while the menu is showing


Bottom quadrant of Touchpad while the menu is showing

Application Menu

All menu-based controls are accessed in the tabbed menu. These controls can be displayed in VR by pressing the Application Menu button on either controller.


The Trigger is used when adding/subtracting clay, as well as when painting onto the surface of the model. The Trigger is pressure sensitive and is used to determine the strength of the tool being applied.


The Touchpad has multiple uses within Kanova. The following options are available:

Horizontal Swipe - Swiping horizontally across the Touchpad (without clicking) changes the radius of the tool being applied.

Right Quadrant - Clicking on the right quadrant of the Touchpad toggles the Controller Help Tips. Tips give reminders on how to use the Controllers within Kanova. Tips are displayed for 5 seconds before being hidden. You can hide the Tips at any time by clicking on the Touchpad right Quadrant.


The following grip options are available:

Single Grip Button - Pressing and releasing a grip button on one of the controllers attaches the scene to the controller. This allows you to reposition the scene as well as perform sculpting operations while having the scene grabbed.
To leave this mode, press the Grip button.

Both Grip Buttons - By simultaneously pressing and holding both Grip buttons, you can position, rotate, and scale either individual layers, the entire scene, or aspects of the camera position. For more information, see Colors and Layers.
To leave this mode, release both Grip buttons.

System Menu

This button can be used to display the Steam system menu within VR.