Setting up USD Lights

As well as setting up USD materials, it is also possible to set up USD lights and view them in the Hydra Viewer.

To set up a USD light:

  1. Create a GafferThree node and open its Parameters, or open the Parameters for an existing GafferThree node.
  2. In the GafferThree Parameters tab, right-click under Name and choose AddLight.

  3. In the Material section of the new light parameters, click Add Shader and choose usd > light.

  4. In the usdLightShader drop-down menu, choose a USD light type, for example, UsdLuxRectLight.

    The full light material parameters open and you can make adjustments.

  5. In the Viewer (Hydra) tab, click ViewLighting using USD Lights to enable the USD lights.
  6. Position the light using the Transform, Rotate, Scale, and Center of Interest manipulators in the Hydra Viewer.