RenderManager.StartRender(renderMethodName, node=None, port=None, nodeList=None, portList=None, serialDiskRenderNodeList=None, views=None, settings=None, **kwargs)

Sets up and renders the scene from the passed nodes.

Adds a 'renderStarted' event to Katana’s event queue, providing the following keyword arguments:

  • node: The node from which the render was started.

  • renderer: The name of the renderer that is used for rendering, as obtained from the B{renderSettings.renderer} attribute at B{/root}.

  • renderMethodType: The type of render that was started, e.g. 'previewRender'.

  • renderMethodName: The name of the render method that was chosen, e.g. 'previewRenderLowRes'.

Return type:

list of dict

  • renderMethodName (str) – The name of the render method to use.

  • node (NodegraphAPI.Node or None) – The node to render from.

  • port (NodegraphAPI.Port or None) – The Port to render from.

  • nodeList (list of NodegraphAPI.Node or str or None) – A list of nodes or node names to render from.

  • portList (list of int or str or None) – A list of port indices or names to render from that correspond to the matching nodes from nodeList.

  • serialDiskRenderNodeList (list of str or None) – A list of nodes that should be disk rendered as dependencies of render nodes.

  • views (list of views or None) – A list of views.

  • settings (RenderingSettings or None) – The RenderingSettings instance to use.

  • remoteRender – If True Render will be dispatched to the default render queue.


A list of dictionaries describing the outputs that were created.


RenderingException – If an attempt is made to render a batch of mixed 2D and 3D nodes, or if an attempt is made to perform a Disk Render of a 3D node.