Array Parameters

Parameter.getChild(name: str) NodegraphAPI.Parameter

Returns the group child by name, or None if not found.

Parameter.getChildByIndex(index: int) NodegraphAPI.Parameter

Returns the group child at the given index, or None if index is out of range.

Parameter.getChildren() list

Returns a list of all children of this group parameter.

Parameter.getNumChildren() int

Returns the number of children of this parameter if it is a group parameter, otherwise 0.

Parameter.reorderChild(child: NodegraphAPI.Parameter, index: int) None

Moves child to the given index.

Parameter.reorderChildren(oldIndex: int, newIndex: int, count: int) None

Moves count children starting at oldIndex to newIndex, retaining order. The source and destination ranges must not overlap.

Parameter.insertArrayElement(index: int) NodegraphAPI.Parameter

Inserts a new value into this array parameter’s value at the given index.

Parameter.removeArrayElement(index: int) None

Removes the value at the given index from this array parameter.

Parameter.removeArrayElements(index: int, count: int) None

Removes count values from this array parameter’s value, starting at the given index.

Parameter.resizeArray(length: int) None

Resizes this array parameter to the given length.

Parameter.getTupleSize() int

Returns the number of array elements that will be bundled together in the value representation.

Parameter.setTupleSize(size: int) None

Sets the number of array values to bundle in the value representation.