The ShadingGroup node is designed to keep your workspace inside a NetworkMaterialCreate node organized by allowing you to group sections of your shading node network together. Inside a ShadingGroup node, there are fixed input and output bars, which are used to connect the nodes within the group to the rest of the network.

Node Parameters

The Node Parameters tab is empty until a shading node network exists inside the ShadingGroup node. Once the ShadingGroup node contains a shading node network, the parameters of the nodes which are in use are automatically promoted and displayed within the Node Parameters tab.

Note:  The parameters are only promoted if the parameter is editable from within the node Parameters itself.

The promoted parameters are organized by node, page and parameter. This makes it easy to make adjustments to the parameters in use without having to enter the ShadingGroup.

Note:  For more information on the ShadingGroup node, see Organizing Shading Networks with ShadingGroup Nodes documentation.

Material Interface

Control (UI)

Default Value




A list displaying all promoted parameters, organized in the same way as they were grouped when promoted.



The path to each different parameter.

Note:  For more information on the uses of the Material Interface, see Node Parameters and Interface Controls documentation.