11. Subdividing Geometry

This video shows how you can subdivide geometry with 3Delight by using an AttributeSet node.


In the video:

To change your polymesh type:

1.   Press Tab and type AttributeSet.
2.   In the Parameters tab, connect the AttributeSet node to the output of your geometry node/s and press E.

The edit flag is set on the node and its parameters are displayed in the Parameters tab.

Your AttributeSet node needs to know what geometry it is going to effect. In this exercise we are using CEL statements to set those paths.

3.   In the Parameters tab, click the Mode drop-down box and select CEL.
4.   Click on the Add Statements button and select Paths from the menu.
5.   Hold Ctrl and select the polymesh paths in the scene graph, then middle-click and drag them to the Paths window under the celSelection parameter.

A list of paths appear in the window. They should look something like this:

6.   In the attributeName field, enter type.
7.   In the attributeType drop-down menu, select string.
8.   In the stringValue field, enter subdmesh.

Your geometry is now subdivided and edges smoothed out.