12. Material and MaterialAssign nodes

This video shows you how to create a basic material using the 3Delight dlPrincipled shader.


In the video:

To create a material and assign it to a piece of geometry in the scene:

1.   In the Node Graph tab, create a Material node by pressing Tab, typing Mat, and choosing the Material entry from the node creation menu.
2.   Create a Merge node in a similar way.
3.   Create a connection from the nodes that create your scene to the new Merge node. Create a connection from the Material node to the Merge node as well.

A /root/materials branch appears in the scene graph.

Note:  You can add shaders to your material in the parameter interface of your Material node in the Parameters tab, and set up color and texture properties, for example.

To assign your material to a piece of geometry in your scene:

1.   In the node graph, press Tab > MaterialAssign.
2.   While pointing at the MaterialAssign node in the Node Graph tab, press the E key to set the edit flag on the node, in order to bring up the node's parameters in the Parameters tab.
3.   Middle-mouse drag any geometry from the scene graph to the Add Statements menu in the MaterialAssign node's Parameters tab.
4.   Middle-mouse drag any geometry location from the Scene Graph tab onto the Add Statements button of the MaterialAssign node's CEL parameter in the Parameters tab, for example: /root/world/geo/pony.