21. Disk Render

This video introduces Render nodes, and shows how to start a Disk Render.


In the video:

To set the output path of the file to render:

1.   With the cursor over the DlSettings node, press E to set the node's edit flag and bring up the node's parameters in the Parameters tab.
2.   Expand the Image Layers group.
3.   Click the menu arrow of the Image Filename parameter, and choose Browse.
4.   Choose a file destination for your render and click Accept.

For more information on different render operations, see Render Types.

To start a Disk Render:

1.   In the Node Graph tab, create a Render node by pressing Tab, typing R, E and N, then choosing the Render entry from the node creation menu.
2.   Place the Render node after the RenderSettings node.
3.   Right-click on the Render node and choose Disk Render. This may take a few moments.

Your rendered file is now available in the file system location specified earlier.