2. Creating a Primitive

The following video explains how to create a basic sphere primitive using the PrimitiveCreate node.


In the Video:

To add a PrimitiveCreate node:

1.   In the Node Graph, press Tab to bring up the list of nodes.
2.   Type PrimitiveCreate.

Tip:  A quick way to bring up the PrimitiveCreate node is to type P and C, which filters the list of node types down to nodes containing those characters.

3.   Press Enter.

The node appears in the node graph.

4.   Double-click on the node to set its view and edit flags.

The scene graph is displayed in the Scene Graph tab. The scene is displayed in Viewer tabs, and the parameters of the node can be edited in the Parameters tab.

Note:  Expand your scene graph down to the level of the geometry to reveal it in the 3D viewer.