7. Creating a Camera

In this video we create a camera using a CameraCreate node and merge it with the geometry within our Group node.


In the video:

To create a camera:

1.   Press Tab in the Node Graph tab.
2.   Type camera to filter the list and click on the CameraCreate node.
3.   Press Enter.

To reposition a camera:

1.   In the node graph, select the CameraCreate node and the node containing your geometry. If your geometry node output is connected to a Dot node, you can select the Dot node.
2.   Press M to add a Merge node.

Your camera is now connected to the scene at the same point in the node tree as your geometry.

3.   Hover over the CameraCreate node and press V.

Your camera appears in the scene graph. Click on the expand icon to reveal your camera in the 3D viewer.

4.   Whilst hovering over the 3D viewport, press W.

The transform manipulators appear. You can now use the transform tools to rotate and move your camera.

To toggle the 3D viewport to display the perspective through a camera:

1.   Select your camera in the scene graph.
2.   Under the 3D viewport, click on the perspective icon.
3.   Select the root path of the camera. For example: /root/world/cam/camera.

Your viewport perspective is now looking through the camera.