9. Preview Render

This video shows how to start a Preview Render of a scene.


In the video:

To preview render your scene:

1.   Right-click on the RenderSettings node.
2.   Select Preview Render.

Depending on how you have set your render view in preferences, your rendered scene appears.

Tip:  Press Ctrl+\ to repeat the last render command used.

To toggle your render views:

1.   Go to Edit > Preferences.
2.   Select 3Delight from the list of preference categories on the left.
3.   Under the renderView dropdown menu, select between the following:

3delight Display: your render output displays in the 3Delight Display window only.

Katana Monitor: your render output displays in Katana's Monitor tab only.

Both: your render output displays in both the 3Delight Display and Katana's Monitor tab.