Introduction to Katana 3.1

1. Course Introduction

Arielle Martin introduces Katana 3.1.

2. Creating a Primitive

How to create a basic sphere primitive.

3. Importing Assets

Bringing alembic files into the scene.

4. Using a Merge Node

Linking assets together

5. Transformations

Transforming and manipulating geometry within your scene.

6. Group Nodes & Dot Nodes

Collecting geometry nodes together using the Group node.

7. Creating a Camera

Using a CameraCreate node to insert a camera in a scene

8. Render Settings

An overview of the 3Delight renderer and its parameters.

9. Preview Render

An overview of how to use the Preview Render tool.

10. Live Render

Live Rendering of a scene.

11. Subdividing Geometry

Smoothing edges by subdividing geometry.

12. MaterialAssign nodes

Creating a basic material node and using a shader.

13. The GafferThree node

Lighting a scene with the GafferThree node.

14. Creating a 3Delight material

Using a GroupStack node and creating a dlMetal material.

15. Network Material nodes

Applying a texture file to a shader.

16. Using Render Filters

How the InteractiveRenderFilter speeds up monitor rendering.

17. Mesh Lights & Using a Prune node

Mesh lights and excluding geometry from light interaction.

18. The GafferThree node Part 2

Creating a Master Material and light Rig.

19. Backdrop nodes & color-coding

Organizing the node graph and applying colors to nodes.

20. Relative Paths

Maintaining file links for Katana portability.

21. Disk Render

Using a render node and performing a disk render.