2. Bringing in Models

Matt Barker of Intraware explains how to import models in Katana, and how to apply a default material.


In the Video:

Matt is using the look dev template scene and bringing in a model.

The template scene is available from the Foundry forum: http://community.foundry.com/discuss/topic/140988/3delight-lookdev-scene-template

Matt has added a default material for any imported models.

The model is imported using an Alembic_In node.

The model is added to a folder in the scene graph.

Matt imports a second model using a copy of the Alembic_In node.

Two Transform3D nodes are used to transform the models.

Shift+click on the edit buttons of multiple nodes to edit multiple sets of parameters.

Parameters can be linked to cascade any updates.

The Hydra Viewer transform control allows you to move the model using makeInteractive on the Transform3D node.

The color chart can be moved using the transform controls.

You can check the UVs in the UV Viewer.

You can set up a custom UI to suit your workflow.