3. Creating Materials

Matt Barker of Intraware explains how to apply materials in Katana.


In the video:

Matt prefers to add quick materials, set up material assignments, and then import the textures and apply the maps.

Create a DlShadingNode node to give access to a range of look dev nodes in 3Delight.

Add a NetworkMaterial node to interpret the 3Delight settings for Katana.

Choose the nodeType within the DlShadingNode to determine the action of the node. In this case Matt uses a dl3DelightMaterial.

The NetworkMaterial is connected to the Merge node to feed it into the scene graph.

The dl3DelightMaterial parameters can be edited to customise the shader.

A second material is added for accessories.

A third material is added with a dlMetal shader.

You can select points in the node graph to limit the view to items above (and including) that point.