4. CEL and Assigning Materials

Matt Barker of Intraware explains how to apply materials in Katana 3.


In the video:

The next stage is to apply the materials.

Use the GroupStack node to group the materialAssign nodes to simplify the node graph.

Use CEL to assign the default material to the geo folder in the scene.

Add a new materialAssign node with a CEL statement that associates part of the scene graph with the material. You can drag from the scene graph to the Add Statements item in the CEL statement parameters.

You can also use a custom CEL expression to bind materials.

Use //* to apply the material to everything downstream of a point in the scene graph. Also, add strings to target scene graph contents by name.

You can use face selection and a FaceSetCreate node to target specific geometry.

Multiple CEL statements can be combined using the set operators: union, difference, and intersect.

CEL's rule based approach gives you a more robust method for material assignments.