5. Bringing in Textures

Matt Barker of Intraware shows you how to import Mari texture data.


In the video:

Matt has a set of textures exported from Mari.

First thing to do is clean up the materials to make more space to work in the Node Graph.

Use a Group node to hide details, which reveal when zoomed.

Add a new DlShadingNode of type file to bring in a texture (in this case a UDIM).

Connect the color output channel of the DlShadingNode to the material input.

You can create multiple DlShadingNodes to import your textures.

Matt wires the nodes to display a bump map, roughness, and displacement maps.

You can use a DlShadingNode of type dlColorCorrection to correct color.

Matt sets up additional look dev for the accessories and other features of the model.

dlMetal settings include tempered metal, oxide thickness, and oxide index of refraction.

Matt uses CEL to assign materials to parts of the scene graph by name.