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Scripting with Python

Katana utilizes three languages for scripting within the application: Python, Lua, and C++. Each serves a distinct purpose but the language most appropriate for you may vary, depending on what you want to achieve and whether you need to edit the scenegraph or scenegraph locations. Between the three, how do you know which language suits your needs?

Here's a quick overview of the Python workflow:

1. Enter Python statements in Katana’s Python tab to perform the required actions.

2. Save your script with the extension .py in a directory that is contained in the sys.path variable.

3. Later, when you want to execute the same statement sequence, import the .py file into Katana’s Python tab again. Katana executes the statements in the specified order.

For more information on the Python tab, see Using the Python Tab, or for detailed information on the Python API click Help > API Reference > Python APIs within the application.

Python on the Web

To read more about Python, check out its documentation, or interact with other Python users. Visit the Python programming language official website at